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Premier Li encourages innovation at Tsinghua University

Updated: Apr 16,2016 10:23 AM

On April 15, Premier Li Keqiang stressed the importance of innovation in scientific research and technological development during his visit to Tsinghua University, a top university in China.

Both independent research and foreign scientific lessons are important to innovation. Boundaries between universities and scientific research organizations should be broken to stimulate innovation, Premier Li said at an exhibition of major scientific and technological achievements in Tsinghua’s history museum.

Premier Li encouraged students of the school of architecture by quoting Confucius’s words that a man should be independent at the age of 30, saying that they should pursue excellence even though they are younger than 30.

China is at a stage where urbanization is accelerating and a lot of civil engineering talents are needed, he said.

After being briefed about a scientific research team’s major achievements in neurosciences at a lab in the school of life sciences, the Premier noted that research on human brain health is significant.

“Tu Youyou has won the Nobel Prize, I believe you will create more outstanding achievements than your predecessors”, he said.

During talks with students at Tsinghua’s library, the Premier quoted the university’s motto which stresses self-discipline and great virtue, saying that he hopes the students will strive to pursue fairness, justice, and inclusive development.

During his stay at Tsinghua, the Premier also showed his interest in the archaeological project on bamboo slips that can be traced back to the Warring States Period more than 2,000 years ago.