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Learn more about the different types of Chinese visa for foreign nationals, how to apply, and answers to frequently asked questions.


Foreigners who accept a job in China should apply for a Foreign Employment Permit. Senior-level employees should also apply for a Foreign Expert Certificate.


Beginning in Dec, teachers, soldiers and other specific groups will have the chance to visit the Palace Museum for free.


This section features information which will help visitors plan their trip to China.


China offers aid to neighbors

China will offer funds and production capacity aid to five neighboring countries along the Mekong River, said Premier Li.

Eased market access for foreign banks

The State Council unveiled new rules to ease market access for foreign banks, aiming to further open up China’s banking sector.

Govt net assets at 55.3t yuan

The total net assets of the Chinese government was 55.3 trillion yuan in 2013, said a research published on Dec 20.


Suzhou theater celebrates Kunqu opera

The Suzhou Kunqu Opera Theater, in East China’s Jiangsu province, has been completely rebuilt, and will “serve as the Mecca of Kunqu opera,” allowing artists to preserve the cultural heritage for today and generations to come.


Guideline to help philanthropy

Charitable donations in China will become tax deductible, according to a guideline released by the central government.

Promoting financial liberalization

China will improve management of foreign debt and capital flows and gradually achieve convertibility of the yuan.