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Learn more about the different types of Chinese visa for foreign nationals, how to apply, and answers to frequently asked questions.


Foreigners who accept a job in China should apply for a Foreign Employment Permit. Senior-level employees should also apply for a Foreign Expert Certificate.


Built in 1561, China’s oldest library, Tianyige, is set to become a top scenic spot.Click here to read the story.


This section features information which will help visitors plan their trip to China.


China to send more students overseas

The China Scholarship Council said it will send 25,000 students abroad in 2015, an increase of 17% compared to this year.

31st Antarctic expedition sets off

Chinese research vessel and icebreaker Xuelong left Shanghai on Oct 30, and is scheduled to return in April next year.

Chinese military helps combat Ebola

The Chinese military has joined the government in its efforts to help West African countries contain the deadly Ebola virus.


China’s spacecraft captures images of the Moon and Earth

China is testing a key technology designed to help a future lunar exploration mission. The spacecraft is about 360,000 kilometers away from Earth, and is due to return Nov 1.


New tough measures to tackle pollution

China’s top economic planner announced measures including new emissions standards and promoting new energy vehicles.

Health TV shows face new scrutiny

China’s top media regulator said only doctors and medical experts can feature on TV programs focusing on health issues.