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Learn more about the different types of Chinese visa for foreign nationals, how to apply, and answers to frequently asked questions.


The regions in which foreigners can travel are divided into four categories in China.


Foreigners who accept a job in China should apply for a Foreign Employment Permit. Senior-level employees should also apply for a Foreign Expert Certificate.


This section features information to help visitors planning a trip to China.


Premier ambitious about China-NZ ties

In his article published on March 27, Premier Li Keqiang outlined his ambitions about China-New Zealand relations with his visit.

Premier Li arrives in New Zealand

Premier Li arrived in Wellington for an official visit to New Zealand, the first such trip by a Chinese premier in 11 years.

Shantou’s city plan approved

The State Council has approved the overall urban planning for Shantou city in South China’s Guangdong province.


Premier Li announces FTA upgrade talks with NZ

Talks on the highest level of bilateral free trade agreement between China and New Zealand will be carried out.


Plan to revitalize traditional crafts

The State Council released a circular to revitalize traditional crafts with historical value, and strong ethnic and local features.

China issues plan for nuclear security

The State Council has approved the 13th five-year plan along with a 2025 target for nuclear security and radioactive pollution control.