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Minister: Academic excellence within reach

China is expected to take the lead in education globally and become one of the most popular overseas study destinations for foreign students by 2049, a top education official said.

China’s jobless rate at lowest level in years

China has maintained overall stability in employment in the past five years, with urban registered and survey-based jobless rates kept at a relatively low level.

China to build more marine research vessels

China has around ten marine research vessels under design or construction by the end of August 2017, according to the Oceanic Scientific Research Vessel Technology Summit 2017.




China plays major role in global economic integration

China has played an increasingly key role in the world and adopted new ways to promote economic integration as reflected in the Belt and Road Initiative.

China, France plan to launch first joint oceanic satellite

The first satellite jointly developed by the Chinese and French space agencies will be launched from China in the second half of 2018.

World leaders congratulate congress

Political parties, organizations and politicians from other countries have sent congratulatory messages to the Communist Party of China on the convening of its 19th National Congress.