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State Council policies aim to improve people’s lives

Updated: Oct 28,2016 4:41 PM

In October, the State Council released a series of policy measures to improve people’s lives. The following are seven of the newly released policy measures:

Healthy China 2030 blueprint

The Healthy China 2030 blueprint recently released by the State Council is set to improve people’s health level across the nation. According to the blueprint, Chinese citizens’ average life expectancy will reach 79 by 2030.

Death rate due to critical and chronic illnesses will be 30 percent lower than in 2015, and the nutrition level of citizens will be improved by 2030.

The blueprint also puts forward a strategic goal that by 2020, a basic medical system will cover the whole nation, and all people can enjoy basic medical and physical fitness services.

Industrial integration in rural areas

The Ministry of Agriculture recently issued a circular regarding the integration of the primary, secondary and tertiary industries in rural areas.

According to the circular, support policies in finance, taxation, land-use and electricity will be put in place to back up agricultural industrial integration.

The move focuses on boosting innovation and entrepreneurship in rural areas.

Improvement of elderly care service

The Ministry of Civil Affairs, the National Development and Reform Commission and other ministries jointly issued a circular regarding the improvement of elderly care service by integrating available social resources.

According to the circular, resources such as abandoned plants, hospitals, and office buildings can be transformed into elderly care service facilities.

Regulations to protect online shopping

The State Administration of Industry and Commerce said it will strengthen supervision and law enforcement in key online consumption areas in the next three years.

The action will help curb infringement and counterfeits in online transactions, and improve protection of consumer rights.

Assistance system for the impoverished

The Ministry of Civil Affairs recently released measures to identify the impoverished population.

The measures clarify applicable situations and incomes to identify the impoverished population, and detailed procedures to apply for support and subsidies.

Procedures for company registration

The State Administration of Industry and Commerce recently issued a circular to open databases of enterprise names and provide related services.

According to the circular, databases will be opened in an orderly manner. County-level registration authorities should open their databases no later than Dec 1, and provincial and city-level registration authorities should open their databases in a timely fashion.

Improvement in basic prenatal care

The National Health and Family Planning Commission and four other ministries have jointly released a document to strengthen basic fertility medical care.

The document said more efforts should be made to increase resources for maternity and child care, enhance treatment for critical prenatal and newborn diseases, and train professionals.

According to the document, the shortage of fertility medical care resources will be resolved in the 13th Five-Year Plan period, with 140,000 newly trained obstetricians and midwives.