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State Council’s policy moves in the past week (Oct 16-22)

Updated: Oct 23,2016 4:09 PM

More measures to streamline business registration

The State Council’s executive meeting on October 14, chaired by Premier Li Keqiang, decided to deepen the reform of the business registration system to lower institutional costs for startup businesses. The meeting decided to implement pilot projects to merge more business certificates into one, promote full-process online registration of enterprises across the nation and adopt innovative pre- and post- supervision methods to promote the sharing and mutual recognition of enterprise information.

Further reform of domestic airfares

The Civil Aviation Administration of China and the National Development and Reform Commission have released a circular to deepen the reform of domestic airfares. It decided that ticket prices for air routes shorter than 800 kilometers and flight routes longer than 800 kilometers that are competing with high-speed railways can be decided by the airline companies independently. Airlines can raise the published fares without discount for no more than ten air routes per flight season, and the increase rate for each air route per flight season should not surpass 10 percent.

Guide for response to telecom and internet fraud

The Ministry of Public Security released a notice on how to report telecom and internet fraud cases on Oct 17. It reminded the public to correctly record the name and bank account of the fraud, and provide the information to nearby public security entities as soon as possible.

Seriously investigate illegal operations of real estate companies

The Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development released a circular to secure the property market by regulating the operation of real estate enterprises. It defined nine illegal activities, such as releasing false information and advertisements, selling commercial houses without permission certificates, tie-in sales and selling the same houses to multiple purchasers at the same time.

Outline for national higher education entrance examination

The Ministry of Education has released the outline for 2017 national higher education entrance examination, which specifies the content and forms of the national test and serves as the basis for preparation and evaluation. The outline covers 12 subjects involving social and natural sciences.

Real-name system for waterway passenger transport to take effect

Recently, the Ministry of Transport issued the Provisions on the Administration of Waterway Passenger Transport under the Real-name System, which will take effect January 10, 2017.

The provisions make it clear that the real-name system will be applicable to the waterway passenger transport across provinces with a distance of 60 kilometers or above (including Ro-ro cargo ship), and the inter-provincial waterway passenger transport across the Qiongzhou Strait. Provincial transport administrations will determine the applicable scopes within their provinces according to local situations.