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State Council’s policy moves in the past week (Aug 14-20)

Updated: Aug 22,2016 9:41 AM

4 decisions from State Council executive meeting on Aug 16

The State Council executive meeting on Aug 16, chaired by Premier Li Keqiang, decided to conduct inspections on overcapacity reduction targets in the steel and coal industries; address key problems concerning the implementation of policies to boost foreign trade growth, facilitating a stable rebounding of imports and exports; exempt tuition fees for high school students from registered poor families; and implement a mechanism to connect the consumer price index with social welfare, and guarantee the basic livelihood of impoverished people.

Details>> Government takes steps to maintain steady trade growth

Guideline on improving lives of disabled people

The State Council released an outline on improving the lives of disabled people during the 13th Five-Year Plan period (2016-20).

The plan is aimed at perfecting the system to protect the rights of the disabled, such as promoting employment and entrepreneurship, implementing basic public service projects for disability prevention and rehabilitation, formulating laws and regulations on the employment, education and social welfare of the disabled, and creating an amicable social environment that understands, respects and cares for the disabled.

Details>>Building a well-off society for the disabled

Chinese government to enhance production safety

The State Council issued a plan on Aug 18 urging provincial governments to enhance production safety and avoid accidents.

Evaluation standards include the number of production accidents and casualties, investment in safety production management and precautions taken against safety risks.

If a serious safety accident happens in a provincial region, the local government would fail its evaluation that year.

In addition, provincial governments were asked to improve their regulations and supervision system on production safety, according to the official document.

Details>> Chinese government to enhance production safety

Inter-ministerial joint conference to help protect consumer rights

The State Council agreed to establish an inter-ministerial joint conference system to protect consumer rights. Led by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, the joint conference is aimed at better protecting the legal rights of consumers, and enabling consumption to play a guiding role in economic development.

The conference has the following main functions: Implement consumer rights protection law; research and promote related policies and measures; instruct and urge related ministries to fulfill their duties; coordinate and solve related problems and consumer issues; manage illegal acts and infringement of consumer rights.

Details>>Inter-ministerial joint conference to help protect consumer rights

Government to publicize business information

The State Council approved a plan on Aug 19 for a unified collection of business information from governments at all levels.

The move is aimed at establishing a public notice system through a nationwide credit sharing platform, thus further separating government functions from enterprise management.

Business information refers to information involved with enterprises that require publicity according to the law, such as records for enterprise registration, mortgage records, equity pledges, intellectual property pledges and trademarks, administrative licenses, administrative punishment records and blacklists for abnormal business activity or low credit enterprises.

Details>>Government to publicize business information

Guizhou inland open economy demonstration zone approved

On Aug 15, the State Council issued a reply to the National Development Reform Commission (NDRC) and Guizhou provincial government, approving construction of the Guizhou inland open economy demonstration zone.

Construction of the demonstration zone will be based on the concept of innovative, coordinated, green, open and inclusive development. It should be proactively involved in the Belt and Road Initiative, development of the Yangtze River economic zone and global cooperation on production capacity, said the reply, adding that the demonstration zone is aimed at promoting entrepreneurship and mass innovation, speeding up the development of new economy, injecting new dynamics into economic growth and updating traditional industries.

Details>>Guizhou inland open economy demonstration zone approved

Circular to streamline procedures for housing provident fund account

The Central Housing Provident Fund Management Center issued a circular to streamline the procedures to open a housing provident fund account.

Firms with three-in-one certificates only need to register at the housing provident fund management center, fill in an application to open an account, apply for a unified social credit code, and they do not need to submit business licenses or other materials.

Regulation on real estate intermediary service agencies

Seven ministries jointly issued an opinion to strengthen regulation over real estate intermediary service agencies. It urged real estate agencies to check the status of the houses for sale or for rent and not to combine their services with certain financial services. Dishonest real estate agencies and agents will be blacklisted and banned from operating within the real estate industry.

Zero tolerance on academic misconduct

The Education Ministry issued a circular to prevent and punish academic misconduct. It says seven behaviors including plagiarism, copying and seizing academic achievements of others will be classified as academic misconduct. Minor violations will result in re-education, and severe misconduct will be strictly punished according to related laws and regulations. The circular will go into effect on from Sept 1.

Guideline to promote logistics industry

The Ministry of Transport issued a guideline to promote the intensified, intelligent and standardized development of the logistics industry, and to make efforts to reduce costs, and to enhance efficiency of the industry, injecting new vitality into the Chinese economy.

The guideline made clear the targets and measures needed in the development of the logistics industry. By 2020, a transportation and logistics services system will be completed, which will support the construction of 150 transportation hubs and 3,000-kilometer railway and highway lines connecting with key ports.

Details>> China eyes development of logistics industry

Arable land protection guideline

The Ministry of Land and Resources issued an arable land protection guideline. It urged local governments to improve the quality of arable land through comprehensive land management. It also called on them to engage in scientific and rational land planning according to the local natural and ecological conditions and to ban the move to reclaim land through deforestation, from sea, lake and wetlands.