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China strives to improve lives of the disabled people

Updated: Sep 25,2015 3:26 PM

To alleviate the hardships of disabled people and take care of their lives, the State Council on Sept 25 issued a guideline to grant them subsidies.

The guideline mainly targets two kinds of disabled people: One is those who live on subsistence allowances, or low-income people; the other is categorized as severely disabled and requiring long-term care.

A standard of the subsidy will be established according to the situation of society and economy to meet the most direct and urgent demand of the disabled - extra long-term living expenditure, the guideline said.

The governmental aid should be combined with social aid, social insurance and charity to make sure that none of the disabled people who meet the subsidy requirements are neglected, according to the guideline.

A standard mechanism that is easy to implement and approve should be established, said the guideline. Policy evaluation and examination will be strengthened to improve efficiency, thus creating a transparent and equal mechanism.

The subsidy system will start on Jan 1, 2016.