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Police chief urges heightened alert against terrorism

Updated: Nov 15,2015 5:37 PM     Xinhua

BEIJING — State Councilor Guo Shengkun, also head of the national anti-terrorism leading group and China’s police chief, urged heightened alert and prevention against terrorism on Nov 15 following the Paris attacks.

At a televised meeting jointly held by the leading group and the Ministry of Public Security, Guo urged all departments and localities to boost preparedness, intelligence and early warning against terrorism to ensure public security and social stability.

Attendees of the meeting also learned about information related to the Paris attacks.

Guo asked officials at all levels to be deeply aware of the daunting and complicated nature of the anti-terror battle, and to never relax their awareness or take chances when it comes to protecting people’s safety and property.

He urged particular focus on important venues for prevention measures, strengthening patrols and security checks.

Guo also stressed strict management of guns, explosives and mail, as well as timely conflict resolution among the public to prevent violence and extremism.

Meanwhile, greater efforts will be made to collect and analyze anti-terror intelligence, Guo said, adding that the task requires precision.

Guo stressed the public’s role in the “people’s war on terror” and maintaining a heavy-handed crackdown on terrorist activities.

Officials from the national anti-terrorism leading group, the ministry, the armed forces, and regional anti-terrorism leading groups attended the meeting.