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Police vows to step up fight against corruption

Updated: Feb 13,2015 4:07 PM

At a national videophone conference in the public security service, State Councilor and Minister of Public Security Guo Shengkun has pledged to intensify the fight against police corruption.

Those who work for the police are the primary instruments for enforcing law, and they are expected to be clean, trustworthy and responsible, Guo said at the conference on Feb 13.

Guo urged police to instill themselves with the spirit of President Xi Jinping’s remarks at the fifth plenary of the 18th CPC Central Commission for Discipline Inspection. They need to be aware of the nefarious nature of graft and be resolute in fighting it, he said.

He called on police to stick rigidly to Party rules and obey its orders, adding that loyal to the Party and listening to it are a requirement for all the country’s police forces.

Violations of the law, abuses of power for private gain and protecting criminals would be severely punished, the meeting was told.

The public security system should seize opportunity to promote reform and build an anti-corruption system specifically for police, Guo said. This includes holding supervisors responsible for the integrity of their subordinates.

Local public security departments should work with local commissions for discipline inspection to reduce police corruption, the meeting was told.