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Chang calls for promoting national defense education

Mo Jingxi
Updated: Oct 16,2014 8:57 PM

State Councilor and Defense Minister Chang Wanquan visited Nanjing Political College of the People’s Liberation Army on Oct 14 and 15, to conduct a survey on its achievements in national defense education.

Chang told local party and government officials-who were attending a seminar there-that they should have a clear understanding of the current complex situation concerning national security and development, as well as the significant role of national defense education.

He called on departments at all levels to further raise awareness of issues concerning national security among the general public, thus contributing to building a strong military.

Chang also asked authorities at various levels to put national defense education in a strategic position and high on the agenda, and to encourage society to care about and build national defense.

He called for more efforts to promote a martial spirit among the public, especially cultivating the determination and courage of young people, and inspiring their patriotism.

Chang said the authorities should improve basic facilities and compile good teaching materials in order to provide more up-to-date, scientific, targeted and efficient instruction related to national defense.