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China set to standardize takeout delivery service

Updated: Aug 6,2017 6:45 PM

An ordinance on takeout delivery industry was issued on Aug 5 and is about to be carried out across the country in September this year, said Commercial Subcouncil of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, the country’s trade promotion agency and the drafter.

Emerging on the heyday of the mode of “internet plus catering,” the regulation is aimed at bringing a quality service to customers and making the industry able to sustainably grow up.

Detailed requirements for delivery companies and deliverymen can be seen in the ordinance, including fixed office space, employees’ age and background, and lawful devices for delivery.

The ordinance even goes into details about the workflow. Deliverymen have to respond to delivery assignment within 5 minutes while restaurants that offer takeout food should accept orders placed by customers online within 10 minutes.

In the course of delivery, deliverymen are required to knock on doors softly and to contact customers by calling or messaging if they are not at home. Deliverymen are not permitted to enter customers’ houses or ask for a tip, according to the ordinance.

The council started drafting in April and called for officials and professionals from the fields of supply and marketing, catering and law, and from food delivery services to assess clauses in the regulation and tender their suggestions.