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Govt guarantees financial support to higher education students

Updated: Apr 12,2017 2:03 PM Daily

Financial support to students in higher education will be strengthened, according to a document jointly issued by the Ministry of Education and three other departments.

According to the paper, every eligible postgraduate in research institutes, Party schools, schools of administration, and accounting schools will have access to education grants. It also urged the institutes to offer more aid to financially challenged postgraduates with revenue and public donations.

College-preparatory students will be entitled to reasonable national education grants and loans. And the subsidized loans and risk compensations will be paid through established fundraising approaches.

Since the fall semester in 2017, all higher education institutes in China will open channels to national education loans application, according to the document.

Also, for students who volunteer for grassroots work in central and western regions and remote areas after graduation, their tuition fee or education loans will be compensated by local governments in areas where they are employed. Provinces with no such policy should release one by April 30.

Students in private colleges will enjoy the same preferential policies such as education loans and scholarship as those in public colleges. Local governments should help private colleges increase aid to financially challenged students.

The document also called to identify financially challenged students, provide them more financial aid, and improve quota and funds allocation of awards and grants.