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China expands trials of crop rotation, fallow systems

Updated: Feb 28,2017 7:57 PM     Xinhua

BEIJING — China will expand its trials of crop rotation and fallow systems this year as part of efforts to facilitate the green development of agriculture.

Arable land covered under crop rotation measures will increase to 10 million mu (around 666,666.67 hectares), mainly in northeastern and northern areas where corn, soybeans and oil crops are grown, according to a press conference of the Ministry of Agriculture on Feb 28.

The fallow system will cover 2 million mu of farmland affected by environmental problems, including heavy metal pollution and desertification, in North China’s Hebei province, Central China’s Hunan province, and some western regions.

China is exploring crop rotation and fallow systems to relieve the burden on its limited arable land, which feeds the country’s huge population of more than 1.38 billion.

The government released guidelines in June to initiate crop rotation and fallow measures on a total 6.16 million mu of land, with 1.44 billion yuan (more than $200 million) earmarked from the central budget.

The measures will help China face ecological pressures, push forward agricultural transformation and realize sustainable growth, Vice Agricultural Minister Yu Xinrong has said.

China aims to complete primary crop rotation and fallow systems in the next three to five years.