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China moves to curb campus violence

Updated: Nov 12,2016 1:47 PM     Xinhua

BEIJING — A guideline on education, which included articles on how to deal with bullying, was released earlier this week as China pushes to address violence among students.

The guideline was jointly released by nine organs including the Ministry of Education, the Supreme People’s Court, the Ministry of Public Security, and the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League.

Schools must be aware of the consequences of bullying and violent incidents in schools, the guideline warned.

Measures were suggested in the guideline that could improve the ideological, moral, legal and psychological education of students.

Moreover, officials will be held accountable for serious incidents of bullying or violence in areas under their jurisdiction.

The guideline suggested that students with severe behavioral problems should be transferred to special schools suitable to their needs or, in more serious cases, they should receive administrative or criminal penalties.

Additionally, adults outside school, who instigate, coerce and beguile students into illegal activity, will be dealt with severely, according to the guideline.