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China planning census of needy population

Updated: Jul 17,2016 9:27 AM     Xinhua

China is planning a census of its neediest people in order to take better care of them.

The Ministry of Civil Affairs (MCA) said on July 15 that it had ordered local governments to look into the conditions of people with extreme difficulties, including those without any income or any family members to depend upon, often the elderly, physically challenged and minors.

Investigators should evaluate these groups’ capacity to support themselves, and learn their willingness to be taken care of in collective facilities, according to their age, mental and physical well-being, and financial conditions, the MCA required.

It said those in dire need will be supported in collective welfare facilities, and all those qualified for assistance will be offered support.

The ministry planned the census in an effort to implement a State Council’s guideline on improving support for people with extreme difficulties issued on February.