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China’s 4,500-meter submersible finishes maiden dive

Updated: Jan 15,2016 9:25 AM     Xinhua

China’s unmanned submersible Qianlong No. 2 completed its maiden dive in the southwest Indian Ocean, the China Ocean Mineral Resources R&D Association revealed on Jan 14.

The underwater robot was independently designed by Chinese scientists and can dive to a depth of 4,500 meters.

The submersible entered a mineral-rich area in the Indian Ocean on Jan 11 and remained underwater for about nine hours, having explored the area’s landforms, hydrothermal sulfides and magnetism, according to the association.

The dive is part of a final test for the submersible to be put into practical use, it said.

It was carried by the Xiangyanghong 10 scientific expedition vessel, which is on its maiden voyage in deep-sea areas and is expected to remain in the ocean until early June.