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Premier calls for maintaining peace, stability of East Asia region

Updated: Nov 13,2014 9:37 PM     cntv

Myanmar is hosting this year’s summit for the Association of Southeast Asian Nations. The 9th East Asia summit is holding in Myanmar. Premier Li Keqiang attended the East Asia Summit, where he called for strengthening regional peace and stability and pushing forward regional economic integration and common development. After the meetings, Li will remain in Myanmar for an official visit, where the two countries are expected to sign a number of cooperation documents on trade and the economy.

Premier Li Keqiang said the key to progress lies in a peaceful and stable region.

Noting that durable peace and stability require the backing of strong institutions, Li said China and ASEAN members were discussing a treaty on good-neighborliness, friendship and cooperation.

He said such an agreement would aim to build an institutional framework and legal guarantee for peaceful coexistence between all sides and across generations.

Premier Li also said China is willing to join other countries to discuss security concepts and frameworks that would be in line with the regional situation.

He added that China stands ready to cooperate on nontraditional security issues, including terrorism, infectious diseases, climate change and disaster management.

Regarding maritime issues, Premier Li said the situation in the South China Sea is on the whole stable. He said safety and freedom of navigation in the region remains protected.

But he stressed that any disputes should be solved through negotiations and consultations, and that countries concerned should actively seek joint development.

To achieve regional economic integration, the premier urged cooperation in six key areas, including promoting trade and investment, accelerating interconnectivity, expanding financial cooperation, stepping up poverty reduction, advancing maritime relations as well as intensifying people-to-people exchanges.

Li and the other leaders at the summit agreed that East Asian countries should work to further expand dialogue, deepen pragmatic cooperation and advance regional economic integration so as to enhance the peace, stability, development and prosperity not only in the region but also the world at large.