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Premier urges rectifying problems found in inspection

Updated: Sep 15,2017 9:35 AM

At the State Council executive meeting on Sept 13, Premier Li Keqiang urged local governments to submit their reports on rectification of problems found in the fourth nationwide inspection before the end of 2017.

“A regular mechanism of supervision, stimulation and accountability for the implementation of major decisions should be established, and any issues found and suggestions collected during the inspection should be properly handled,” the Premier said.

“Supervision should be stepped up to see whether the problems are rectified in a timely and effective manner, in order to strive for greater achievements in economic development and improving people’s lives.”

Resolutely rectify problems found in inspection

At the meeting, the inspection team submitted three lists concerning major issues found in the inspection, typical practices of local governments, and advice about these issues.

The State Council asked authorities to thoroughly phase out any backward steel capacity not on the list of substandard steel products, regulate repeated, high and excessive fees charged by industry associations and commerce chambers, and required the Ministry of Commerce to come up with support measures to utilize foreign capital.

“We should firmly slash backward capacity and be determined to reduce the burden on enterprises,” said the Premier, adding that problems found during the inspection should be resolutely rectified, with effective tasks targeted at the problems being put in place by the end of the year.

The inspection team also presented the typical experiences of some regions in implementing key policy measures of the central government, such as the initiative in Zhejiang province to accept all approval procedures at one time, and Henan province’s move to promote the “all-in-one” business license reform.

The Premier urged promoting these practices in expanding streamlining administration, lowering enterprises’ costs, boosting innovation and enhancing the upgrading of traditional industry.

Promptly implement accepted suggestions

On seeing the list of suggestions solicited from the public during the inspection, Premier Li said, “These are the issues of most concern by people and market players.” Suggestions concerning laws and regulations should be thoroughly studied, and suggestions about practices and rectification that have been accepted should be promptly implemented, the Premier added.

All responsible parties in charge of departments at the meeting were asked to make their due efforts in rectifying issues that were assigned to them.

“Related departments should consider measures to rectify these problems, promote experience and adopt suggestions, and report their implementation progress to the State Council by the end of the year,” said the Premier, who also called on further improving the government work style, as well as administrative effectiveness, to provide strong assurances for economic and social development.