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Premier Li concerned about people’s livelihood in Shaanxi

Updated: Jul 12,2017 5:29 PM’s Daily online

Premier Li visited Dawanhe village in Baoji city, Shaanxi province on July 10.

People’s livelihood was among Premier Li Keqiang’s major concerns during his inspection trip to Shaanxi province.

“Do you know the resettlement policy? How much will it cost?” Premier Li inquired about the relocation project while visiting a family in a shantytown in Baoji city on July 11.

“Do you think the price is reasonable?” he asked about what they will pay for the extra 30 square meters in a new house.

Before the home visit, the Premier had asked local officials about the relocation policies and the project’s profits and payments. He said that if there is a surplus after completion, the money should be invested in any follow-up construction.

When he visited Dawanhe village in Baoji on July 10, Premier Li said that relocation projects should solve the problems of villagers’ resettlement and employment.

He also urged local governments to pay attention to the redevelopment of the old sites. After the villagers move out, the original residences could be used for developing tourism and special agriculture.

It will benefit the local ecosystem and people’s livelihood, the Premier said.

Premier’s inspection includes policy implementation

Premier Li’s inspection in Shaanxi province is not only focused on people’s well-being but the implementation of policies to create employment opportunities, enhance industrial development and stimulate market vitality.

As China’s only agricultural high-tech industries demonstration zone, Yangling in Shaanxi province has been shouldering the need for an “experimental field” for modern Chinese agriculture since its inception in 1997.

The Premier visited Yangling on June 10 to learn about its entrepreneurship programs, including R&D on soil repair, mobile agricultural information platforms and unmanned aerial vehicles for agricultural use. Learning that Yangling has issued over 20 policies to support university graduates, farmers and talented experts to launch their own business, the Premier again stressed the significance of employment as a core standard for economic development.

Premier Li also asked in detail about implementation of replacing the business tax with value-added tax (VAT).

He was told that since the VAT reform, corporate burdens have been reduced, the number of taxpayers increased by 20 percent, and market vitality greatly stimulated.

“That’s our objective for implementing the reform,” said the Premier.

Premier Li also spoke highly of the administrative reform to allow businessmen to apply for business licenses by scanning QR codes through WeChat, which shortens the approval process for construction projects from 150 to 60 days.

Premier Li said the government should put more efforts in the implementation of policies that affect people’s daily life.