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Innovation is the new engine of Sino-Germany ties, Premier Li says

Updated: Jun 1,2017 11:47 PM

Premier Li Keqiang said that innovation has created a new engine for bilateral relations between China and Germany and both countries should be guided by it to strengthen cooperation.

Premier Li made the remarks while attending a China-Germany forum on innovation together with German Chancellor Angela Merkel on June 1 in Berlin.

“China hopes to reinforce market-oriented, innovative cooperation with Germany in manufacturing sector. The “Made in China 2025”strategy is open to the world, and we hope it can achieve in-depth integration with Germany’s ‘Industrial 4.0’,” said the Premier.

The Premier also said that by adhering to the WTO rules, China is willing to provide policy supports for enterprises’ development, especially in the field of innovation, within the legal framework and give equal treatment to both Chinese and foreign enterprises.

China is actively promoting a more relaxed market environment for foreign investment, said the Premier.

He also urged strengthening China-Germany cooperation, not only aiming at traditional large enterprises but also innovative connection between small and medium-sized enterprises from both sides, and providing them with a fair and convenient business environment for trade and investment.