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Special fund to study and fight smog: Premier Li

Updated: Mar 19,2017 11:32 AM

China will set up a special fund to pool together the country’s finest scientists to conduct more research on the causes of smog, Premier Li Keqiang said at an executive meeting of the State Council on March 17.

The Premier said at the meeting that the State Council will set up a special fund and invite top scientists to carry out research. He also promised that the government will solve the smog problem regardless of the cost.

Premier Li said scientists told him during a discussion with the delegates from Shaanxi province at the recently concluded two sessions that various factors, apart from coal burning, vehicle emission and dust, cause the winter smog in North China.

“We are still not quite clear about the reasons behind the smog, and more research is needed to identify the causes.” The Premier called on scientists working in related fields to focus on air pollution and win the “battle of safeguarding the clear sky”.

Premier Li pledged to allocate special funds and enhance the work on studying smog causes at the press conference after the closing of the Fifth Session of the 12th National People’s Congress.

He said air pollution affected people’s health and was a common concern. “We should conduct large-scale and high quality research to find out effective measures to deal with smog,” Premier Li added.