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China to set up special fund on smog research

Updated: Mar 15,2017 1:32 PM     Xinhua

BEIJING — Premier Li Keqiang said on March 15 that China will set up a special fund and pool the country’s best scientists to find out the “unique” cause of smog that frequently blankets north China in winter.

“The cause of smog should be found out as soon as possible so our response will be more effective,” Premier Li said while addressing a news conference after conclusion of the annual national legislative session.

The government is determined to spend as much as needed for the research, he said, pledging that the country will fight and win the battle against smog.

“Smog tackling methods will focus on coal-burning, automobile exhaust, and dust,” he said, but acknowledging that it takes time to win the battle.

“The weather is not something humans can control,” the Premier said, “but we can choose our behaviors and transform the model of development.”

“We all want blue sky,” he continued. “Blue sky won’t be a luxury, nor should it be.”