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Premier highlights efforts to improve internet speed, lower costs

Updated: Feb 26,2017 7:51 AM

“Our pledge for faster broadband and a lower price for internet service not only will benefit consumers but also accelerate China’s economic upgrading and transformation,” Premier Li Keqiang stressed during a State Council executive meeting held on Feb 22.

Repeatedly calling for faster speeds and cheaper prices for the last two years, Premier Li again required related industries and departments to fully understand its significance in stimulating consumption and fostering new growth impetus, thereby promoting economic upgrades.

“Related departments should overcome difficulties to achieve this task to facilitate internet Plus and entrepreneurship and mass innovation, which can fully tap people’s potential,” the Premier said.

Although speaking positively about China’s achievements in this regard, Premier Li also pointed out there is still a gap between the current supply level and increasing demand.

He explained that the number of Chinese mobile and internet users ranks first worldwide, and smartphones and internet have become vital to daily life, even in rural areas.

“So enhanced efforts to enhance speed and lower costs will improve people’s livelihood, which is our ultimate goal for economic development,” the Premier said.

The Premier also urged telecom companies to improve their competitiveness on a global scale through upgrading the quality of internet service, with an aim to expand market share and impose pressure on other telecom companies to further upgrade their technologies.

“I tried to make a phone call during a visit to a mountainous area, but the signal broke off after I just turned a corner. So there are still many ‘last mile’ problems in the telecommunication infrastructure sector to be solved, and there is still much room for investment,” he said.

Increasing internet speed cannot only promote value-added services, but is also an important support for the growth of a macro economy, Premier Li added.