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Premier Li hails China-Cuba relations

Updated: Sep 25,2016 12:01 PM

Premier Li Keqiang hailed China-Cuba relations in a signed article in Cuban official newspaper, Granma, on Sept 24.

Titled Eterna sea la amistad entre China y Cuba, the article noted that the friendship between China and Cuba stands the test of time amid changeable international situations.

“We are willing to continue to be a good comrade, friend, and brother to Cuba with sincerity, long-lasting friendship, and mutual trust, advancing China-Cuba relations for better development and bringing benefits to the people of the two countries,” the Premier said in the article.

On Sept 24, Premier Li arrived in Havana and started his official visit to Cuba.

Premier Li’s visit to Cuba made headline news in Granma one day ahead of his arrival.

Raphael Hernandez, a professor at the University of Havana, told the media that Premier Li’s visit presents a perfect opportunity to deepen bilateral cooperation in all fields.

Ruben Zardoya, a Cuban expert in international relations, said that Cuba hopes to learn from China’s practices in development and bring them into its own reform.