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Premier applauds innovation at grassroots level

Updated: Sep 30,2015 9:18 AM

“After the National Day holiday, ministers should go to the grassroots level to expand their research work with other ministry leaders,” Premier Li Keqiang said at the State Council executive meeting on Sept 29. “They should learn from the new experiences on the front line, and policies should be made based on this.”

At the meeting, Premier Li again mentioned his visit to Henan province while talking about market vitality. He said that mass innovation and entrepreneurship are the new driving power for China’s development.

In Luoyang, Henan province, Premier Li visited Luoyang Mining Machinery Group. As a mining equipment manufacturer, the company set up five workshops in 2013 led by skilled workers with outstanding manufacturing expertise. One year later, the five workshops attained 46 innovation achievements and created a profit of 12.85 million yuan.

“Mass innovation and entrepreneurship are not only for small and micro-sized companies but also for large companies,” the Premier said.

Another company that left a deep impression on the Premier is Xianyi Holdings in Zhengzhou, Henan province.

A delivery truck driver, one of the thousands of employees at the company, told the Premier that according to company policy, drivers have the option to fund 40 percent of the cost of buying the trucks and can enjoy 40 percent of the delivery profits, and that 75 percent of the company’s delivery trucks are operating this way.

“Innovation modes are emerging quickly at the grassroots level,” the Premier said. “There are some problems too difficult for our leaders to solve in the current economic transformation process. Creativity at the grassroots level can give us some inspiration.”

The Premier said that he can feel people’s enthusiasm for innovation and entrepreneurship, which greatly encouraged him.

“We must rely on innovation and entrepreneurship to further develop Chinese economy and society - they are the new driving force for China’s development,” the Premier said.