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Premier Li attends cultural exchange activities in Peru

Updated: May 24,2015 6:04 PM

Premier Li Keqiang attended a series of cultural exchange activities between China and Latin America in Lima, Peru on May 23 local time.

Accompanied by Peru’s Prime Minister Pedro Cateriano, Premier Li Keqiang visited exhibitions of historical relics of the Chavin and Inca cultures and photo exhibitions of the origins of Chinese culture in Lima’s National Museum of Anthropology, Archaeology and History.

Li said amid the relics and pictures can be found the genes of civilization and unique cultural codes of China and Peru and that knowing this history will open people’s minds in both countries.

After the visit, Li and Cateriano talked with Chinese and Peruvian cultural experts.

Li said Chinese civilization shares many similarities with Peru’s Chavin and Inca cultures, including amazing creativity, even though the two nations are in different parts of the globe. Li said there is scope for China, Peru and Latin America to learn from each other to bring about more innovation and creativity.

Cateriano said Peru and China have established close and long-lasting friendships despite the physical distance between them. Chinese immigrants have been involved in the construction of Peru for a long time and been deeply engaged in the nation’s society and culture. He said Peru is willing to work with China to build a better future for both countries.