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Premier listens as he puts lawmakers at ease

Updated: Mar 10,2015 5:19 PM

Listening to the concerns and suggestions of national lawmakers and political advisers, getting the pulse of the grassroots, is a highlight of Premier Li Keqiang’s discussions with delegations during the two sessions.

The Premier didn’t miss any opportunity to listen to speeches of NPC deputies and CPPCC members from all walks of life.

Wang Bo, an NPC deputy from Heilongjiang province and also the deputy chief designer of Harbin Electric Machinery Co Ltd., rapidly delivered her speech at a discussion attended by Li on March 9.

“I’m sorry, I was too nervous,” she said but the Premier immediately put her at ease.

“I’ve read through the report you provided and have written down your suggestions.’’

During another discussion with NPC deputies from Jiangsu province, Li conducted dozens of Q&A sessions concerning the development of farmer cooperatives with Zhao Yafu, an NPC delegate from the academy of agricultural sciences in Zhenjiang city.

In another development, the Premier asked a number of pertinent questions to Chen Lifen, an NPC deputy with the Jiangsu Sunshine Group.

Of the six deputies who made speeches that day, three were deputies from the grassroots while the others were local officials.

The Premier extended his meeting with NPC deputies from Shandong province on March 8 in order to allow an opportunity for a grassroots deputy to offer suggestions.

The deputy raised his hand to speak when the Premier was nearing the end of his discussion.

“Let him offer his suggestions,” Li said, refusing the moderator’s advice to let the deputy submit the text later.

The Premier has a well-known track record for listening to deputies and calming any nerves they may have.

Two years ago at the two sessions a deputy from a poverty-stricken county in Hunan province seemed to be overcome by nerves after being chosen as the first to communicate with the Premier.

“Both of us are representatives of the public. No need to be nervous,” the Premier said.