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Premier’s visit boosts robot’s appeal

Updated: Mar 2,2015 2:19 PM


A robot made by Chaihuo Makerspace in Shenzhen has become a popular attraction after Premier Li Keqiang visited the company on Jan 4.

Liu Dezhi, who’s in charge of the makerspace, demonstrated the robot to the Premier and said that many people have come to see it in action following the Premier’s visit. Makerspace is the term used to describe a gathering of specialists to brain storm and come up with innovative ideas.

So popular has the robot become that a tag was put on it with the word “patient” in case of any delays or malfunctions during its repeated performances.

Besides the robot, the makerspace also demonstrated to the Premier other gadgets its members had created.

“This shows the vigor of public entrepreneurship and the potential of innovation. Such vitality will become an engine that never stops for China’s economic growth,” Li said during the visit.

Li’s visit lasted 45 minutes, longer than scheduled, and he was made an honorary member.

In February, the State Council decided at an Executive Meeting to support the development of makerspaces, in order to attract more people to join the innovation drive and create more jobs.

“It’s an honor for us that the Premier visited our makerspace. Our efforts alone are not enough to promote the ‘maker spirit’. With the Premier’s encouragement, the idea of creative makers has become popular, and we are more motivated,” said Liu, adding that he hoped that more people will share their ideas of innovation.

“I also look forward to hearing how the Premier will discuss attracting more and more people to join the innovation drive,” he said.