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Teenager helps turn green dream into reality

Updated: Feb 21,2015 5:21 PM

Jiang Xintong, a middle school student living at a resettlement community for former mountain dwellers in Zhen’an county, west China’s Shaanxi province, wants to write another letter to Premier Li Keqiang.

“I want to tell him the achievements I’ve made in the past year,” said girl.

Jiang was honored for her efforts in July, 2014.

Before last Chinese Lunar New Year, Li visited poverty-stricken Zhen’an on Jan 26, 2014, highlighting the government’s efforts to alleviate the dearth of money and resources and to protect the environment.

While the Premier was talking with local residents, a teenage girl rushed from the crowd with a bunch of flowers.

That girl, identified as Jiang, asked for a hug and handed a letter to Li, surprising everybody present.

Jiang, who has cared about environmental protection since she was a child, received a reply from Beijing a month after the Premier’s visit.

Li wrote that it is ‘complicated’ to balance development and the environment. “China has done its utmost over many years to lift more than 600 million people out of poverty. However, as you said in your letter, we should also ‘show concern for Mother Nature’,” Li wrote. “We are looking for the best answers to the problem by developing an eco-friendly way, which allows people and nature to coexist harmoniously.”

Promising to work together, Li and Jiang have both made efforts in the past year.

Encouraged by the Premier, Jiang took part in several tree planting campaigns over the past year and has become an influential advocate for environmental protection in Zhen’an.

Jiang speaks about the Premier’s letter in Jan, 2015.

Her new year wish is to see blue sky during the day, shiny stars at night and fireflies in the summer.