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State Council vows to cut red tape via better e-services

Updated: Aug 9,2018 8:17 AM

The State Council has vowed to cut red tape by building a better national e-government service platform and integrating online and offline service, according to a notice issued in June.

A unified identity authentication system will be adopted for online government services across the country.

E-government services will be extended to Weibo, WeChat and the app platform. State Council departments are encouraged to connect to the State Council app.

According to the notice, by the end of 2019, 90 percent of government services at the provincial level should be accessible online, and 70 percent of municipal government services should be online.

On-site paperwork will be reduced and put online, such as registration and making appointments.

On June 11, a complaint platform was opened at the State Council website. People can use it to report any inconveniences in government services.

Premier Li Keqiang also asked the State Council General Office to launch inspections for the implementation of a red-tape cutting campaign.

During the two sessions in 2018, the Premier pledged to ease market access through a slew of measures, including cutting the approval process for starting a business, reducing permitting time for construction project, and building a better e-government.