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State Council policies to boost innovation in 2016

Updated: Dec 29,2016 3:12 PM

Premier Li Keqiang greets a robot while visiting a big data technology exhibition in Guiyang, Guizhou province, May 25, 2016. [Photo/Xinhua]

In 2016, the State Council introduced a series of policies to boost technological innovation in the country.

The following are State Council policies on technological innovation.

Plan on technological innovation

On Aug 8, the State Council issued a plan of technological innovation during the 13th Five-Year Plan period.

According to the plan, efforts will be made to improve innovation capabilities and bring China into the world’s top 15 in terms of innovation capacity.

With the implementation of innovation-driven development strategy, the contribution of technology advancement to the economy will rise to 60 percent, compared with 55.3 percent in 2015.

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Favorable environment for innovation

On Sept 20, the State Council issued a circular to promote the sustainable and healthy development of entrepreneurial investment, saying that further efforts will be made to regulate and optimize administrative services, creating a favorable environment for investment in entrepreneurship and innovation.

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Technology into economic achievements

On March 2, the State Council issued a circular to ensure implementation of the law promoting the transformation of scientific and technological achievements into productivity.

The government encourages research and development institutions, colleges and universities to give research findings to enterprises and other organizations by way of transfer, permission and investment. A transferring work system and mechanism should be established by these organizations to improve its management system, according to the circular.

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Two technological innovation centers established

The State Council issued circulars in April and September to establish technological innovation centers in Shanghai and Beijing.

Tests concerning entrepreneurship and innovation will be carried out in Shanghai, including inclusive taxation system and other financial innovations. On the other hand, Beijing will make efforts to boost its innovation capabilities based on the strategy of Beijing-Tianjing-Hebei coordinated development.

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Boost makerspaces development

The State Council on Feb 18 issued a circular on speeding up the development of makerspaces, which have flourished throughout the country, in a bid to support economic restructuring and industrial upgrading.

The efforts will be focused on sectors that include digital information, biological technology, modern agriculture, high-end manufacturing equipment, new energy, new materials, energy conservancy, medicine, cultural innovation, and modern service.

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On May 12, the State Council issued a circular to promote the building of mass entrepreneurship and innovation demonstration bases.

According to the circular, a total of 28 demonstration bases will be built first and are scheduled to be completed by 2018, which will help cultivate platforms to support mass entrepreneurship and innovation.

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Supports to local technological innovation development

On Nov 17, the State Council issued a circular to promote local technological innovation development by improving infrastructure and the environment of scientific research and innovation and promoting the transformation of technology into economic achievements.

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Facilitate the transformation of sci-tech achievements

On May 9, the State Council issued a plan to promote the transformation of sci-tech achievements, stressing integration of technology, capital, human resources, and services and the establishment of a scientific system for the transformation of sci-tech achievements.

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Incentives for scientific and technological workers

The State Council brought forward several times the ideas of encouraging scientific and technological workers through knowledge-oriented income distribution policies.

Scientific and technological workers who made major contributions in the development and transformation of sci-tech achievements can get more than 50 percent of achievement rewards, according to the plan.