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A special gift of protection for children

Updated: Jun 2,2016 2:54 PM

The State Council decided to carry out new measures to improve vulnerable children’s living standards on June 1, making a special Children’s Day present.

The decision was made during the State Council’s executive meeting presided over by Premier Li Keqiang, and includes expanding financial aid and medical coverage, providing compulsory education and increasing custodial responsibilities.

Premier Li said protecting children living under harsh conditions is an important part of building a social security system, and a shared responsibility of families, government and society.

In some parts of China, children endure harsh living conditions because of family poverty, health problems, or the absence of parents. Therefore, on this Children’s Day, the State Council introduced the measures to help them, which will be the most thoughtful “special presents” for the children who badly need them.

Just as the capacity of a wooden barrel is limited by the shortest plank, the development of society is limited by the growth of children, especially children living in difficulty, because they cannot defend themselves.

In recent years, several serious incidents involving children shocked the nation, as children were killed or targeted.

For this reason, after urging efforts to prevent such incidents from happening, Premier Li decided to take measures to protect vulnerable children’s welfare on Children’s Day.

Children are the future of our country, hence taking great care of them is a solemn commitment to the future of our country.