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Innovation a competitive edge

Updated: Apr 3,2015 10:23 AM     China Daily

China’s endless innovation upgrading, from Alibaba’s “face-brushing” shopping model, to the “car networking” system of Datang Telecom and Haier’s “air box” for wireless connections to home appliances, will inject an inexhaustible vitality into its economy.

These are only a snapshot of transition being made by China’s traditional manufacturing. China’s sophisticated technology, such as high-speed railways, nuclear power and aerospace, have also been at the center of the world stage in recent years. Some foreign experts are predicting that China is becoming a leading force in global technological innovation.

China’s economy has once again exhibited a strong resilience and it continues to act as the driver for the world’s economic growth. Just as some foreign economists point out, there is no need to worry about the disappearance of China’s shoe and hat factories, because its enterprises at the high end of the industrial and value chain have now taken over the baton.

China’s enormous domestic market and its established industrial chain, along with continuous policy support from the government and the strengthening of its self-innovation capability, will help lay a solid foundation for China’s manufacturing sector in the future. A Wall Street Journal article has stated that Chinese companies have already become key players in telecommunications, mobile equipment and Internet services.

The strategy of becoming a manufacturing power by 2025 mapped out by China’s top leaders for its manufacturing will help create a brighter future for domestic manufacturers in the new round of technological and industrial revolutions.