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Guanzhong Plain urban cluster to embrace unified development plan

Updated: Jan 15,2018 5:08 PM

The State Council approved a plan for Guanzhong Plain urban cluster, an economic center in Northwest China, according to an official document released on Jan 15.

Guanzhong Plain urban cluster mainly refers to the central region of Shaanxi province, including Xi’an, Xianyang and Baoji, with a dense population and a rich history. But several surrounding cities in Shanxi and Gansu provinces are also involved in the plan.

The State Council has great ambitions for Guanzhong Plain to become a world-class urban cluster and a center for reform and opening-up of inland China, with active participation in the Belt and Road Initiative.

It is expected that Guanzhong would become a vanguard of economic development in Northwest China and a strategic buttress for the country’s westward opening-up.

The document urged the provincial governments of Shaanxi, Shanxi and Gansu to form a strong leadership to carry out each task stated in the plan, and follow the regulated approval procedures to report major projects to higher-level authorities.

Specific policies and measures still need to be laid down by related departments of the State Council to give more support in project construction, responsibility division and other areas, according to the document.