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State Council issues plan to revitalize traditional crafts

Updated: Mar 24,2017 4:55 PM

The State Council released a circular to revitalize traditional crafts and related products with historical value, and strong ethnic and local features.

By 2020, the nation should see a substantial improvement in inheritance and re-creating traditional crafts with better industry management and market competitiveness.

Meanwhile, traditional crafts should also play a more important role in employment, with rising incomes for practitioners.

According to the circular, the nation should establish a national catalog of traditional crafts and increase successors of intangible cultural heritage.

Guiding policies should be formed to encourage returning migrant workers to develop traditional crafts and innovative cultural industry.

The circular also called for related universities, enterprises, and institutions to organize seminars and training for holders and practitioners of traditional crafts.

In addition, the nation will support eligible universities to set up majors and courses for traditional crafts to cultivate professional talent.

More efforts should be made to improve design, production, and quality of traditional craft products, with introduction of better materials and modern management system.

The circular also encouraged enterprises and practitioners of traditional crafts to protect their secrets and innovation with intellectual property rights and trademarks.

At the same time, work should be done to expand promotion and sales channels of craft products, including displays and road shows in historical blocks, and natural and cultural scenic spots.

The nation will continue to promote education in intangible cultural heritage on campuses, and support universities, and middle and primary schools to include related content in education, in an effort to enhance social recognition of traditional crafts.