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State Council approves Jilin city urban development plan

Updated: Dec 26,2016 8:11 PM

The urban development plan for Jilin city (2011-2020), Northeast China’s Jilin province, was approved by the State Council, according to a circular issued on Dec 26.

According to the plan, the city’s downtown population will be contained within 2 million, and its land for construction will be limited to up to 215 square kilometers. Land will be used intensively while farmland will be protected.

Urban and rural areas in the city will be managed as a whole. Infrastructure and public services in urban areas should be expanded to the countryside as well, according to the plan.

Infrastructure, such as roads, water transport, railways, parking lots, the water supply system and underground utilities, should be improved.

More public funds will be invested into building affordable apartments for low-income people. Other public services including education, healthcare and utilities are also planned to be improved.

Energy should be saved and the environment should be protected as the city develops, by cutting high-pollution industries, pollutant emissions, disposing sewage and waste as well as developing a greenbelt. Natural reserves, including Songhuahu lake, wetlands and water sources, were underlined.

As a historical city, Jilin is also urged to protect its cultural relics, such as the Jilin Confucius Temple and attractions along Songhua River.