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China to share government information

Updated: Sep 19,2016 8:31 PM

The State Council issued a regulation on September 19 regarding the sharing of government information and public data to enhance administrative efficiency and improve services.

It involves various information resources from government departments, public institutions and social organizations with administrative functions.

The inter-ministerial meeting, promoting big data development, will be in charge of organizing and supervising the sharing of government information, according to the circular.

Departments will have free access to related information after filing an application, and the whole process of the collection, sharing and using of information will be overseen to ensure information security.

According to the circular, the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) will make guidelines for departments to formulate information catalogs, and the latter should update their catalogs within 15 days in case of administrative function changes.

For certain information that cannot be shared, related departments should provide legal or political basis. In addition, basic information resources concerning population, legal entity, natural resource, spatial geography and electro-license should be shared unconditionally.

The NDRC and local authorities will build a national information sharing platform system and local platforms respectively, according to the circular, which also urged departments to integrate their original information systems into the platforms.

While providing information, departments should clarify the sharing scope and the purpose of use. They should also maintain and update information timely to ensure its integrity and veracity.

All departments in charge of the information system should report the yearly use of shared information resources to the inter-ministerial meeting before February every year, according to the circular.