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China promotes broadcasting and television coverage

Updated: Apr 21,2016 4:57 PM

The State Council General Office issued a document on April 21 to promote the coverage of broadcasting and television in every household.

The document made clear the goal of coordinating the three technological patterns of coverage - wireless, wired, and satellite. By 2020, digital broadcast and television should enter every household; a new type of broadcast and television coverage system should be set up; direct broadcasting satellite service can generally cover rural areas with no wired network.

According to the document, provincial governments should make the coverage plan. The integration of a nationwide wired television network should be accelerated and supported.

According to the instruction standard of basic public culture services (2015-2020), at least 15 digital TV programs and 15 digital radio programs should be provided; no less than five TV programs and six radio programs should be provided by analog signals, and at least 25 TV programs and 17 radio programs should be provided by direct broadcasting satellite.

Broadcasting organizations should enhance cooperation with related departments of the government to make more service programs that meet the needs of the masses.

The document also mentioned accelerating building platforms to produce, broadcast and control emergency broadcasting at every level. These platforms should be connected with the national emergency information publishing system. A national emergency broadcasting system should be established to broadcast disaster warnings, emergencies, governmental information and policies.

The infrastructure construction of radio transmitting stations should be accelerated to meet the needs of broadcasting and monitoring. The construction of infrastructure and services at grass-roots level broadcasting organizations should be enhanced.

Charity programs, paid programs and other value added services are encouraged to be added to basic public service programs.

Private organizations are encouraged to participate in broadcasting services through government purchase, project subsidy, and targeted sponsor.

Governments at every level should be responsible for their broadcasting facilities, organization construction, and maintenance fees. On the premise that national broadcasting and television organizations have at least 51 percent of holdings, other State-owned or private investments are also encouraged to participate in the construction and digitalize reconstruction under county level.