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State Council calls for upgrading government websites

Updated: Dec 15,2015 9:25 AM

The State Council on Dec 15 released a survey report on government websites and urged governments at all levels to improve their online services for the public.

The first-ever survey, conducted from March to December, found that a total of 84,094 government portals had been in operation by the end of November, of which 16,049 were shut down for serious problems, and 1,592 remain to be restructured.

Through the survey, a database of government websites was also established, recording their names, addresses, managing departments and operation status.

Moreover, the survey says government websites now are being updated in a more timely and accurate manner. Many have also improved interaction with page visitors.

In particular, the State Council urged local governments to fill their web portals with necessary charts and documents and to streamline their service procedures so that they can gradually shift part of their functions and services online.