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Amendments made to boost service industry in Beijing

Updated: Oct 27,2015 11:54 AM

The State Council issued a circular on Oct 27 to temporarily amend administrative laws and regulations regarding the administrative approval and special management of market access for the service industry in Beijing.

According to the circular, enforcement of the provisional adjustment will be effective from Oct 27, 2015, to May 5, 2018.

Changes were made in the eleventh code of the Regulations on Administration of Commercial Performances and the sixth code of Provisions on Foreign Investment in Civil Aviation, enabling foreign-owned performance brokerage institutions to provide services in specific areas of culture and entertainment industry in Beijing and canceling restrictions on foreign holdings in foreign-invested aircraft maintenance projects.

In addition, qualified Sino-foreign venture travel agencies will be allowed to set up business in Beijing to offer mainland residents travel services to Hong Kong, Macao, and abroad.

Related government departments and Beijing municipality will make adjustments in regulations and ordinances in accordance with the State Council’s amendment.