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Policy implementation must be enhanced

Updated: Apr 29,2015 7:36 PM

Departments must boost efficiency in implementing and publicizing administrative decisions made at the central government’s executive meetings, according to a document issued by the State Council’s general office on April 29.

Documents approved at executive meetings need to be published in the name of the State Council or its general office within seven workdays after the meetings, the document said.

Those that require important revisions should be published within 10 workdays. All departments are required to generally process the documents quicker and departments in charge of drafting the documents must submit the revised and signed version to the State Council within three workdays, while documents that had to undergo major changes should be submitted within six workdays.

The executive meeting’s decisions that are issued in the name of departments should also be published within seven workdays and those with important revisions to be discussed should be published within 10 workdays.

Documents issued in the name of departments should accurately reflect the executive meeting’s decisions and those that differ in any way cannot be issued.

Regarding revisions, the joint reviews and signing procedures among different departments should be finished within two workdays when the changes are minor, and for those that need substantial revisions, the procedures should be done within three workdays.

The documents issued in the name of the State Council or its general office, unless classified, should be published on the central government’s official website on the same day it is printed. The principle also applies to those documents in the name of departments.

Departments are required to follow up the implementation of the documents and make sure they are put into practice.

The leaders of different departments are required to assume the main responsibility for making sure decisions made at executive meetings are implemented.

The general office of the State Council will check the execution of this document and make public any problems discovered.