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China takes steps to improve labor relations

Updated: Apr 9,2015 8:06 AM

China vows to take more measures to guarantee the rights of workers, especially their rights to get payments in full and on time, according to a guideline released by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council on April 8.

The guideline aims to improve labor relations as the country undergoes major economic and social changes with diversified employee appeals as well as increasing disputes. Many of the disputes involve migrant workers who are not paid in a timely manner.

The guideline calls for better protection of four types of rights that workers are legally entitled. First, the right to get paid properly. The government will push for greater efforts to supervise the process of salary paying, and establish a fund to compensate workers in case of urgent situation.

Second, the right to rest. The guideline vows to ensure workers’ rights to take official holidays, and get overtime payment if the employer prolongs their working time. National and trade standards will be enacted or revised to standardize the amount of work assigned to workers.

Third, the right to enjoy occupational safety and health. The government will strengthen supervision to ensure the safety, health and welfare of people engaged in work. Enterprises are required to provide working conditions and personal protective equipments that meet national standards. Women and children engaged in work will be especially protected.

Fourth, the right to be covered by social insurance and receive professional training. The government will urge enterprises to pay social insurance premiums for their workers and encourage workers to participate in professional training and even further their education.

The guideline also promises to reinforce labor coordination, democratic management, and labor dispute mediation services to improve labor relations.