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Focus on measures to boost health

Updated: Jan 14,2015 4:38 PM

Four areas were highlighted by the State Council in a circular issued on Jan 13 to boost public health.

Measures to protect and ensure public health are one of the key elements in improving living conditions, quality of life and the general welfare of the people, the circular said.

The first area highlighted a favorable environment and local governments and departments are required to take action to ensure this, especially in regard to safe drinking water. A regulatory system is suggested to guarantee water safety at source, production and in supply.

Access to rural toilet facilities was also discussed. The State Council aims to complete the construction of environmentally friendly household toilets in rural areas in all eastern and some mid-western provinces by 2020. All public toilet facilities in these areas should also be environmentally friendly.

A monitoring system for diseases transmitted by insects will be established, especially to combat dengue and hemorrhagic fever.

Health education should be strengthened. It is of crucial importance that the public take part in fitness activities and be aware of the benefits of exercise, the circular said. It also suggested restrictions on tobacco sales and a total smoking ban in public areas.

Comprehensive public health management was also discussed. The State Council will introduce a sanitation assessment system for targeted cities and counties by 2020. Health inspections will continue to be carried out during the urbanization process.

An innovative approach and various measures were essential to ensure public health, the circular said, as well as to control the risk of spreading diseases, boost public health management and motivate people to adopt healthier habits and reduce the risk of contracting illnesses.