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China to foster equal access to basic cultural resources

Updated: Jan 14,2015 9:50 PM     Xinhua

BEIJING — China will strive for equal access to basic cultural services for all, according to an official guideline released on Jan 14.

A “modern public cultural service system” will accentuate basic cultural services and equal access by 2020, according to the guideline issued by the General Office of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee and the State Council General Office.

Authorities will foster equal access to cultural resources by both urban and rural residents. For instance, rural folk art, publications and radio & TV programs catering for rural residents’ needs will attract greater support from the state.

Radio and TV signal reception equipment is needed in some rural areas along with public cultural venues such as libraries. Each township-level cultural station will be staffed with at least one officer who is familiar with radio and TV production techniques and can organize cultural activities.

The guideline also proposed “leap-frog development” of public cultural infrastructure in underdeveloped areas, including ethnic and border regions.

China wants to reduce “cultural poverty” with work focused on radio & TV, digital services. The guideline identified primary groups in need of service, including the elderly, minors, the disabled, migrant workers, “left-behind” rural women and children, the poor and needy.

The government will subsidize ticket prices and encourage performers to make commercial performances, movies, and cultural venues affordable to all.

Social organizations will be given encouragement to invest in public cultural sectors and procure more of their services.

The guideline also touches on other proposals, including keeping “square culture” healthy and orderly. Town and city squares are popular venues in China for spontaneous, regular and organized cultural events.