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Chinese Terminology: Four Greats

Updated: Oct 24,2017 1:49 PM     CGTN

Great Struggle, Great Project, Great Construction and Great Dream basically sum up what is known as the “Four Greats”. They were first put together by Xi Jinping as new instructions for governance in the new era.

First, the Great Struggle is a mission for the CPC — that is to keep up with the times and solve problems with new features.

Second, the Great Project calls for constant self-improvement within the Party. With an aim to strengthen the capability of governance, the Great Project requires strict self-inspection and further anti-corruption campaigns.

Third, the Great Construction. It basically refers to socialism with Chinese characteristics. But for the new times ahead, it should be promoted with new ideas, strategies and measures.

Finally, the Great Dream. Realizing this dream has always been the ultimate goal for all Chinese. And that has much to do with China’s overall prosperity as a nation, as well as the happiness of the people.