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China opens first AI-assisted treatment center

China’s first artificial intelligence assisted treatment center opened in Hefei, capital city of East China’s Anhui province on Aug 20. It will carry out research to guide machine-learning, such as recognizing messages and using visual neural networks to solve problems.

The center features a voice-based information system, a computer-aided medical image diagnosis system and some other cutting-edge equipment. Studying multitudes of hospital imaging data, and two million real electronic patient cases, the system is expected to improve detection rates.

AI serves not only as a helping hand but also as a competitor for doctors. It takes a doctor about half an hour to scrutinize over 300 medical images, but through the artificial intelligence system, it only takes a few seconds.

The AI-assisted treatment simplifies the process of uploading imaging data, making a prescription, and developing new applications with technological achievements. It can ultimately be a vital solution for insufficient medical resources and could prove to be a giant step for China’s medical treatment.