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China to deliver its first regional jet

Updated: Nov 29,2015 11:51 AM

China’s first domestically made regional jet will be delivered on Nov 29, marking a major breakthrough in the country’s aviation industry.

The ARJ21 airliner is built by the Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China (or COMAC). It can carry up to 90 passengers with a maximum flying range of 3,700 kilometers. Six years after the project was launched, the ARJ21 started domestic trial flights in 2008. And with more than five thousand hours of test flights, it is the longest tested commercial plane model in the world.

COMAC has received orders of more than 300 jets from 19 airlines, including three from the Republic of Congo.

The new jet will take off from Shanghai and will fly to the city of Chengdu in southwest China on Nov 29, where it will be delivered to Chengdu Airlines.

“It can fly trans-provincial routes, such as from Chengdu to Xi’an and to other western areas in China. This is China’s first 90-seat regional jet. To us, this airliner will be the largest and most advanced model after it is put into service,” said Luo Ronghuai, general director of ARJ21 project.