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Poets are giving voice to verse in Dujiangyan

Updated: Oct 27,2015 3:36 PM

Even amid the bombardments of modern pop culture, the ancient arts are never forgotten. Sichuan province in western China was home to some of the most legendary poets in Chinese history, and it is in Dujiangyan that poets are giving voice to verse again.

Famed Tang Dynasty poet Du Fu lived in Dujiangyan, and the region’s idyllic scenery was eulogized by other greats such as Li Bai and Lu You.

Poets are transporting the audience through the rhythms of beautiful language and evocative imagery.

Dujiangyan is also famed as the site of the world’s oldest irrigation system.

The nearby town of Liujie will soon be named as a center for landscape poetry, part of efforts to revitalize traditional Chinese culture.