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Internet Plus transportation develops fast

Updated: Oct 10,2015 2:32 PM

Chinese cities are using the Internet Plus to solve problems in their taxi industries. A new online to offline model is adopted in Shanghai to provide taxi and bus services. Beijing and Guangzhou also started similar practices.

Haiou Service Community gathers some 400 individual drivers in Shanghai under its belt. It aims to form a unified brand, with the same car model, light, and meter. The new entity will be connected by the Internet to help navigate the drivers.

“Internet Plus will be plugged into the whole transportation system. Didi doesn’t stop at its early stage of being a taxi hailing application, but is driving fast forward,” said Cheng Wei, CEO, Didi Kuaidi.

Some applications focuses on booking bus commuting services. Some help find parking slots in city corners.

“We encourage anything that brings convenience to commuting for our residents. We hope it would best be online to offline. We also hope to move traditional management online. This means better management,” said Sun Jianping, director of Shanghai Municipal Transportation Com.

Two taxi companies in Beijing have released platforms for preordered cars. These cars have been given permits by the local government and can provide legal receipts. It is expected that nearly 2,000 cars will be operating on these platforms. Guangzhou is also working to streamline tax-hailing services.