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Rarely-seen treasures and art put on display at Palace Museum

Updated: Sep 14,2015 11:50 AM

For years, the collections that are withheld from visitors to the Palace Museum have been considered the most mysterious and treasured. As the museum’s 90th anniversary approaches, hundreds of the seldom-seen treasures have gone on display in the Forbidden City.

Queuing for six hours to take a glimpse of the rarely unfolded treasures. What exactly is worth the wait? The scroll painting, “Along the River During the Qingming Festival,” is among the best-known.

The work that’s more than 5 meters long depicts a flourishing landscape in Bianjing, the then-capital of the Northern Song Dynasty.

200 people at a time are allowed in the hall. Whether interested in history or in the painting, the chance to see the real work is hard to pass up.

“It was ten years ago when the painting “Along the River During the Qingming Festival” was fully exhibited at the museum. We will open the whole scroll of the painting again this time and display it for about one month at this exhibition. People won’t be able to see it again for at least three years,” Zeng Jun, director of The Palace Museum, said.

This ongoing special exhibition, “The Precious Collection of the Stone Moat,” is one of the main events celebrating the museum’s 90th anniversary.

More treasures of the royal families will be displayed next month. Among the most anticipated is the exhibition showing how people celebrated the emperors’ birthdays in the Qing Dynasty. Valuable gifts are presented from across the country and officials gather to express their good wishes to the emperors. The 44-meter long painting unveils a prosperous society and the highly esteemed royalty.

More than 500 pieces in the royal collection will be exhibited.

“During the celebration of the 90th anniversary of the Palace Museum, we’ll hold 18 exhibitions, and open five new areas to the public. For us, it’s like a cultural parade, as well as an unveiling of knowledge for the visitors.” Shan Jisiang, director of Palace Museum, said.

The Palace Museum was founded in 1925 and is the largest museum housing ancient Chinese culture and art with more than one million items. The 90th-Anniversary exhibition will run for two months.